PEACFMONLINE.COM – We Have 90% Success Rate In Treating Infertility Amongst Women And Men – Dr Taha K Al Hazaamerdi

A lot of people around the world are now traveling to Dubai not just for fun and recreational activities but also for specialized treatment and lasting solutions to their ailments.

Dubai, when mentioned anywhere, is appreciated as the most prominent tourist destination in the world but in recent times, the holiday destination has integrated other aspects of care to its wide-growing image.

Healthcare services is currently on the rise in Dubai as many hospitals offering diverse services, have surfaced in the UAE city. One of such hospital is the Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, a facility specializing in infertility treatment and Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Research shows that one of the top five reasons why Africans come to Dubai is for fertility treatment, and Al Habib Hospital has made it their core mandate to see both male and female patients experience parenthood.

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