NAIHAPS.COM – Meet V4texx Resident Band for Quincy Jones’s Bar in Dubai

The band is V4texx, the club is Q club by Quincy Jones in the Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai. Naihaps got an exclusive interview with the band, to find out why its full Nigerians and what opportunities the have for Kenyan artistes.

The band consists of Dante Kennedy the drummer and band leader, Emmanuel the keyboardist, Ajay on guitar and Mr Segs the saxophonist.

1.        Why is the band full of Nigerians?

Dante: That was completely coincidental, my vice president of the band Emmanuel is Nigerian, we were looking for great musicians to join and they just so happened to be from the same country. Mr Segs our saxophonist is a legend back at home and has performed with many major artist.

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