NAIHAPS.COM – Lessons from Dubai: Why Kenya is Missing Out on Shopping Tourism Trillions

Experts have warned that Kenya is missing out on shopping tourism due to a lack of incentivization. The new trend in the travel ecosystem is taking the world by storm, with Chinese travelers topping the list of spenders.

According to the World Tourism Organization, people are not just shopping when they travel, but traveling to shop. The Chinese top the list of spenders splashing over Sh16 trillion every year at top shopping destinations, other top spenders include USA Sh10 trillion, Germany Sh10 trillion, Uk Sh7 trillion, and Russia Sh7 trillion.

“Kenya used to attract a lot of shoppers who came in search of our unique curios and cultural artifacts,” Naima travel and tours director Peter Muthii says. “However, right now Tanzania has taken over because of the Kanga and other unique items that are attracting a huge number of visitors.”

Globally, Dubai leads the charge in the hunt for touring shoppers because they recognized the new trend well in advance and positioned themselves.

Though a trip to the retail shop for souvenirs and destination mementos has always been a part of tourism; in this new trend, shopping is becoming not just a part of the tour but the primary reason for travel.

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