GHHEADLINES.COM – FEATURE: Medical Tourism: Why Dubai is the Preferred Alternative

The practice of medical tourism has been in existence for decades, especially among citizens of underdeveloped and developing countries who visit medical centers in developed countries around the world for treatment.

Due to poor healthcare services in the countries of origin, the need for medical tourism, if it can be afforded, is paramount for survival.

The most sought-after treatment resulting in medical tourism amongst undeveloped and developing countries include; weight loss treatment, fertility treatment, cardiovascular treatment, cosmetic treatment, orthopedic treatment and cancer treatment which cannot be satisfactorily received in their home country due to lack of inadequate medical infrastructure, and high expenses.

According to a report, around 650,000 people traveled from Africa for medical tourism in 2015. Since then, the numbers have been rapidly growing with the African market losing billions in medical tourism each year.

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