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Recently, a group of African media and PR team including myself had a chance of visiting a number of hospitals in UAE-Dubai, to witness their initiation towards medical tourism, state-of-the art services and the fact that they are well equipped with latest medical AI machines. Let me present to you one of the best, Neuro Spinal Hospital and some of its one-of-a-kind services in which I trust it will catch my people’s interest regarding effectiveness in health care.

Neuro Spinal Hospital (NSH) is the only hospital in the UAE that gives a Radiosurgery with the latest Cyber Knife surgery machine. The NSH is also a highly involved in education and training and has one of the largest wet (experimental) laboratories that offers surgeons hands on training. It actively supports and hosts many conferences and courses including the Arab Spine Course Diploma that teaches advanced techniques in spine surgery and that has to date received surgeons from different parts of the globe. The large number of stations allows trainees proper exposure and a real hands-on experience. Since its establishment in 2002, NSH has evolved into becoming a leading hospital in the UAE for treatment of neurosurgical and spinal disorders, and now is home to an advanced cancer center.

I strongly believe that Ethiopian medical community could well benefit from the training and knowledge transfer programs specially from the real time hands-on experiences from Neuro spinal Hospital, for the physicians and radiologists need an up- to- date technological approaches from time to time which eventually contribute a great deal for their specialization and to a healthier community at large.

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