BIGEYE.UG – Dubai Named The Best Tourism Centre In ‘Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award

Dubai has scooped the ‘Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award. The ‘United Arab Emirates (UAE) was in 2022 named ‘The Best of the Best Destinations’ by Tripadvisor, a travel platform which annually releases travellers’ awards.

popular for its spectacular skyscrapers and beautiful beaches, Dubai faced off with various entries from the Middle East, Europe and coveted tropical and desert getaways.

Tourists have always given the city good reviews because of the various ‘enjoyments’ options it provides.

Speaking about the city, Justin Reid, director of media, destination, and travel at Tripadvisor, said it is “an ultramodern city that has it all… Despite the effects of the pandemic, Dubai still attracted visitors from near and far over the past year and has stood out as their favourite place to go in a year when they really needed some excitement.”

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